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24hr live stream for charity

Jul 3 @ 12:00am - Jul 4 @ 12:00am

Event Description

24 HOUR LIVE STREAM FOR CHARITY!! Any and all donations made during the stream will be directly donated to “Child’s Play”. Child’s Play is a charity that seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, both domestic and abroad, through the kindness and generosity of the video game industry and the power of play. So come join me as we play some games and give to a good cause.

Donations will be funnelled through a direct link to the charity’s website (Child’s Play). Donations will never enter or leave any streamer’s hands. We are not responsible for someone bypassing the dedicated link and sending the streamers themselves any money. If this channel receives any money directly by this method, tax will be removed from the amount and the remaining amount will be sent to said charity at the streamer’s discretion.