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Charity Makes Us Smash

Feb 4 @ 11:00am - Feb 4 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

This is a Super Smash Bros tournament where all venue fee ($5 per person) will be donated to Child’s Play Charity, while all bracket entry (also $5 per person) will be played for a portion of the winnings. Several games will be offered, as well as Singles and Doubles offered for all of them (except for Wii U, Doubles will not be offered). On top of this, there will be several side events (such as a low tier bracket, or a one character only bracket) with a $1 entry, with all proceeds going to charity. Child’s Play has donated several prizes so that the winner’s of these side events will not go empty handed, and money will still be donated to the charity. On top of the Smash gg page, there is also a facebook link available (just type in Charity Makes Us Smash for more details). The event will be held at Central Michigan University, on February 4th, in Pearce Hall, rooms 136, and 137