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CoupleOGamers & NaiFilms

Nov 20 @ 5:00pm - Nov 22 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

We are two groups of gamers and internet users. We run youtube channels and frequently stream gameplay of videos, however we will be doing more than we can to try and get people to donate to Childs Play. We will be doing livestreams nightly and constantly trying our hardest to spread the word and get people to understand just how amazing this charity is and what it can do for children all over the world.

We want to try and get gamers everywhere to take part and even if we can’t get people to join in, we ourselves will always be trying to spread the word, via games.

We have a dedicated website we have set up for this fundraising and other events we will run in the future so that will have all the information you need.

Thank you so much from everyone taking part and on behalf of everyone, we hope you will help even a little.