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Fine Art: 5c

Dec 22 @ 6:00pm - Dec 22 @ 10:45pm

Event Description

We are The Wolfgang and we believe that people should eat art. No. Well, sort of. We believe that art is like food: you should be allowed to have it, even if you ain’t rich. So we’re throwing a benefit concert for Child’s Play: the charity that delivers toys and games to kids in children’s hospitals. We’re going to put music in your ears and art in your hands. That’s happening. You see, we realized we have the power to reverse economically enforced barriers fortified by the institutionalized characterizations of so-called “high art.” How? By selling fine art for five cents. You heard that correctly. Fine. Art. Five. Cents.

Ah, yes, rock and roll. Well, we aren’t about to go it alone, so we’ve asked In Search of a Word, Creating the Scene, Ocean Void, Bean Street Collective, and Eastern Shore to melt your face in the interim. It’s an easy commit: walk through the door and you will be making a salient impact. Do be a dear and stop by.

Wolfgang and Sons