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Let’s Play for Child’s Play II

May 6 @ 3:00pm - May 9 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

On May 5th 2012, a group of friends based out of Longwood University tried to break two Guinness World Records, but they were soundly defeated.  A year later, starting on May 6th, 2013, Matt, Will, Jeanne, and Dan return to take on new Guinness World Records for their chance for redemption.

It’s not all about the records.  Just like last year, the LPCP crew will be raising money for Child’s Play Charity, a charity organization that raises money for books, toys, movies, and games for children’s hospitals around the world.  We have hand-made crafts ready to go to the home of the lucky winners of our live-auctions!

During the attempts the crew will have call-ins such as Jamie Dillion of Child’s Play Charity, James Higginbotham of Pure Nintendo Magazine, and Brittney, “Chiki” Fischer of the D20 Girls.

These people will also be answering your questions. Just go to the call-in page on our website, and type in your question. When the person calls in, we will be asking him/her your question over the live-stream.

There are also challenge-achievements, challenges the players have to perform after a certain amount of money is raised.  These can be performed by players and helpers alike.

Keep checking out our website to see updates, such as guest call-in times and auction times!

They have a little over 72 hours to collect as many records and as much money as possible.  Can the LPCP crew do it, or will they walk way defeated once again?