Events Calendar

Mass Effect Marathon 3-Part 2

Nov 22 @ 11:01pm - Nov 25 @ 9:00pm

Event Description

For the past two years, Mass Effect Marathon has sought to celebrate our love of Bioware’s epic space opera, and to raise money for Child’s Play Charity.  This year we plan on holding our biggest and best event yet.  Re-live the thrills of the Mass Effect trilogy, and donate to a wonderful cause while you do it!

Mass Effect Marathon 3 will be broken up into two weekends, making it easier to watch the entire trilogy from beginning to end.  On October 20, we will play through all of Mass Effect 1, and on November 23 we will play through all of Mass Effect 2 & 3.

Viewers and fans will be able to decide how we play through all of the Mass Effect games, through a series on online polls that anyone can vote in.  Those polls will help us determine Shepard’s path, including gender, love interest, alignment and key decisions throughout the trilogy!

As always, the Mass Effect Marathon team will be on hand to interact with you in chat, play multiplayer games of Mass Effect 3, and perform various challenges in return for donations to Child’s Play Charity.  We are willing to sing, dance and generally embarrass ourselves for your entertainment.  Oh yeah, and you can win prizes by donating and watching!