Events Calendar

Painful Games Done Slowly

Aug 30 @ 12:00am - Aug 31 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Well join us in our 24hr online stream events, and if we can kidnap (re: invite) a few online gaming celebs we will!

There will be merriment and much difficult games, in fact we hope to have the event run on 3 streams simultaneously through Twitch, this is even will be called “Painful Games Done Slow”.

The first two stream will be live from out event with two very loud and annoying people being the shout casters (Us!) and narrating, while the third stream will be a Twitch Plays Pokemon like even and will be feature “Pokemon: Never Pleased Pikachu!” (Pokemon Yellow).

On top of being actively done in Twitch stream donations can be used for:

-hrs played
-games beaten (HA!)
-lives lost
-curse words said (Oh my word)
-controllers broken
-bonus stages reached (super secret cool stuff!)

Games we have so far:

-Demons/Dark Souls 1 and 2
-Super Meat Boy
-Ninja Gaiden
-I Wanna be the Guy

(this is known as a normal Friday for Sinblade723)