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Quad M Child’s Play Charity

Jan 19 @ 9:00pm - Jan 22 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

I, Aubinator, am a true Canadian. For this reason, I will be raising money specifically for the IWK Hosiptal in Halifax, NS! I have 3 young sons and I hope they never have to go to the children’s hospital there. I know of many families that have and they spoke very highly of the hospital! It is for these reasons (Being Canadian, having children of my own, and knowing the quality of care that the IWK already gives) that makes me want to support them further with this charity run! Our goal is to raise $500! Please help us to obtain this goal!

The game will be Minecraft. Sure. Why is this different from any other Minecraft Marathon? We’ll be HEAVILY modifying the game with variety mods. As well, we are sending the players through an epic story line! This isn’t a stream of straight up playing Minecraft, this is an adventure! The prologue script is TBA.

PLUS, we may have a few guest stars appearing! Think of it as an online streaming TELETHON with celebrities!

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