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The Backlog Challenge

Jun 21 @ 9:00am - Nov 3 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

Myself and fellow TheGameEffect editor Nate Gillick have been entitled gamers for quite a long time, enjoying the ability of purchasing and playing whatever games we wanted as they were released. As an avid adult gamer, this hobby has gotten quite expensive and honestly, feels a little wasteful. We have an abundance of unfinished games that we’ve yet to get around to completing, meanwhile, there are children around the world who would likely jump at the opportunity to play but a few of the games we’ve cast aside.

Therefore, we are undergoing The Backlog Challenge; A competition in which we race to finish as many games as we can prior to the onslaught of the next generation of game consoles. With over 300 games to complete between the two of us, we’ve got quite the road ahead.

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