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The NHL Lock-IN 2012

Dec 14 @ 10:59pm - Dec 15 @ 10:59pm

Event Description

No Hockey? No Problem.

We’ll MAKE OUR OWN SEASON, and support Children’s Hospitals across North America, doing so!

The 1st Annual NHL LOCK-IN will be a GRUELING full 82-game season, played between anywhere from 10-30 GM’s, and countless players, over the course of the 15th and 16th of December.

There IS the potential for an early start to some games Friday night, if all players involved agree.

IF the season is finished in record time, we may ALSO opt to go ahead and run a full round of playoffs, complete with a Stanley Cup. This will depend on the “deadness level” of all those involved, coupled with the amount of money raised!

As the weekend wears on, the Website will feature Webstreams from any players wishing to stream live, Team info, Prizes, SURPRISES, and of course, Fundraising Links at which supporters can donate to our cause!

Twitter: @NHLlockIN