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Worr’s Merry Mystery Giftmas

Dec 25 @ 12:00pm - Dec 26 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

Worr’s Merry Mystery Giftmas is a 24 hour Marathon League of Legends stream on Christmas Day featuring WorrDragon, a well known member of the LoL community. This marathon begins at 1pm on the 25th and goes into the 26th located on the stream at to raise money for a great charity. In addition to the high quality gaming and instructional feed, there will also be many gifts given away, interactive trivia and games, a group of talented DJ’s spinning live music sets and hopefully the potential to raise quite a bit of money for this event.

WorrDragon is a member of the United States Air Force who figured since he can’t get out to see his family, his Christmas would be better spent attempting to do something good for children in need.

Thank you.