Child's Play - SCP Radio’s Appreciation Party
Child's Play - Besties Doin’ it for the Kids
Child's Play - JWU Mages Guild Charity Stream
Child's Play - Destiny Sherpa Marathon
Child's Play - Fallout 4(0) Hour Live Stream
Child's Play - 24 Hours of Horror Livestream
Child's Play - 24 Hour Dark Souls Event
Child's Play - Aurora Fireside Gathering
Child's Play - Child’s Play Charity Event
Child's Play - 72 Hour MGS Live Stream
Child's Play - The Official />/ SkeleStream
Child's Play - Leadership Gaming Extravaganza
Child's Play - Fallout 4 Good Vs Evil
Child's Play - 24-Hour Howler
Child's Play - HPAW 24-Hour Charity Marathon
Child's Play - Team Styxa
Child's Play - Desert Bus for Hope
Child's Play - Spooky Charity Spectacular
Child's Play - Chaos Marathon
Child's Play - Charitable Rust
Child's Play - UFV 24 Hour Charity fundraiser
Child's Play - 24hr Star Wars LiveStream
Child's Play - Child’s Play Charity Event
Child's Play - Sentinels Anniversary Event!
Child's Play - UTSA eSports 24 hr live stream
Child's Play - The Metal Gear Marathon 2015
Child's Play - Heroes for Hope
Child's Play - Gamer’s Republic
Child's Play - Malfunct’s Halloween
Child's Play - Smash Bros Charity Event
Child's Play - Unreal Tournament Tournament
Child's Play - Phi Delta Theta’s Game-A-Thon
Child's Play - The Party Bus Collective 24HR!
Child's Play - WoWS Charity Livestream
Child's Play - PCGL-Point Cook Gaming League
Child's Play - Twitch rage game marathon
Child's Play - BLOPS 3 4 Child’s Play
Child's Play - Charity Live Stream
Child's Play - Awesomenauts League with Bets
Child's Play - PeaSut’s: Play for a Cause
Child's Play - #Critforthekids 24h Pathfinder
Child's Play - Super Charity Stream!
Child's Play - MinersPlay
Child's Play - No Level Play 24 Hour Marathon
Child's Play - Triangles gaming tournament
Child's Play - Star Road Charity Livestream
Child's Play - Damage Boost
Child's Play - 24H Livestream for Charity
Child's Play - JumpScares Marathon
Child's Play - Console Games For Charity
Child's Play - Destiny Sherpa Marathon
Child's Play - MRH 24h Gaming!
Child's Play - 24-Hours of Legend of Zelda
Child's Play - DKS 12 Hour Video Game Mashup
Child's Play - Streams For Dreams
Child's Play - Video Game Marathon
Child's Play - PK Thon
Child's Play - Child’s Play Madness
Child's Play - Caffeine Run
Child's Play - BrigadeCon 2015
Child's Play - Team Osime’s Summer Livestream
Child's Play - Nintendo Marathon
Child's Play - Game On Marathon III
Child's Play - Skima’s Super Stream
Child's Play - Mandela Day Gaming Marathon 2
Child's Play - SNES 12 Hour Stream
Child's Play - TgT’s 2 year 24hr Live Stream
Child's Play - 24 HOUR GAMEATHON
Child's Play - Games for Kids
Child's Play - Terraria Live Stream
Child's Play - BlockJam
Child's Play - ShortBus Network
Child's Play - Games for Donations
Child's Play - 24 Hour Charity Gaming Stream
Child's Play - Metroid HQ Marathon
Child's Play - Cheat Codes for Charity
Child's Play - Random Battle Con
Child's Play - PBRC 24 Hour CP Stream nep
Child's Play - D&D 72hr Fundraiser Marathon
Child's Play - Charity Livestream L4D 2
Child's Play - Metal Gear Marathon
Child's Play - UVic ESS Charity Gamestream
Child's Play - 24 Hour Fallout New Vegas
Child's Play - Carbyne Studios 24 Hour Event
Child's Play - Far Lands or Bust FLoB-athon!
Child's Play - Megathonman
Child's Play - C-Change 6 Hour Livestream
Child's Play - Nerdgrls B’day Charity Stream
Child's Play - Child’s Payday
Child's Play - Praise or Punish the Penguin
Child's Play - Minnesota Nice Charity Stream
Child's Play - Dark Swordsman’s Livestream
Child's Play - Mario Mania
Child's Play - Bodhi’s Charity Stream
Child's Play - Give By Gaming: 48-Hour Event
Child's Play - WeddingWire Donate Day
Child's Play - 24 hour game-a-thon
Child's Play - Chaos Marathon

Events Calendar

Gaming For Children

Dec 31 @ 11:00am - Jan 1 @ 11:00am

Event Description

This is an event for children. As a survivor of cancer myself, I have relied heavily on charity donations throughout my life. It is my hope to show my gratitude by giving back to communities that also need help. We are trying to show others there is hope through the form of charity gaming.

SCP Radio’s Appreciation Party

Dec 13 @ 6:00am - Dec 20 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

SCP Radio is going to have an appreciation party on Dec. 19, we will have Food, Drinks, a Live DJ and a couple of Tejano Artists will be stopping by to take pictures and sign autographs. We will ask for our guests to donate to Child’s Play as an entry fee to the party, and of course we will ask our listeners to donate also. We are happy with SCP Radio’s success and would like to give back to the community.

Besties Doin’ it for the Kids

Nov 20 @ 9:00am - Nov 21 @ 9:00am

Event Description

It’s a 24 Hour Stream with the ICBesties Twitch Team.  We will be asking our budday’s and Friends to donate to the Child’s Play charity.  Games make us happy, we want to make sick kids happy too.  We’ll be enlisting viewers to donate and add the charity link to their own stream as well.

JWU Mages Guild Charity Stream

Nov 6 @ 5:00pm - Nov 7 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

We will be doing a charity event to raise money for Child’s Play by streaming games for 24 hours straight. We are part of Johnson and Wales University but 100% of donations will go to Child’s Play

Destiny Sherpa Marathon

Dec 18 @ 1:00pm - Dec 20 @ 1:00pm

Event Description

The Destiny Subreddits unite for a Christmas Streaming Marathon to help kids in need by Sherpa’ing members of the community through challenging end game content!

Join us for Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, Kings Fall, Trials of Osiris and lots of hilarious, not-so-serious activities in between!

Fallout 4(0) Hour Live Stream

Nov 11 @ 5:00pm - Nov 14 @ 9:00am

Event Description

The Fallout 4 hype is real! To commemorate this I will be streaming FO4 for 40 hours to raise money for Child’s Play. The stream will offically begin on Wedsnesday as 5 PM PST. My goal is to raise $500 for them. Please spread the word and come watch me slowly go insane for the kids. Think of the children.

It’s worth noting that I will be focusing on Side Quests and Exploration only. I won’t be doing the main story to avoid spoilers.

Why? Cause I am crazy.
How? Who knows… I may fall asleep on screen.
Who? Me - MildlyManiacal. I’m just another moron on the internet…Variety streamer and entertainer who plays kinda whatever he feels like. Focused on chat interaction and community. Real original, right? Known to be loud and harassed often by the people in his life.

Link to the facebook page to help spread it around the social medias. Please consider sharing this event to all who may be interested in helping raise money for this great organizing.

24 Hours of Horror Livestream

Oct 31 @ 10:00am - Nov 1 @ 10:00am

Event Description

I will be livestreaming for 24 straight hours, highlighting the best of the horror game genre in an effort to raise money for Child’s Play Charity and Extra Life.

24 Hour Dark Souls Event

Nov 28 @ 12:00pm - Nov 29 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

From noon to noon, I’m going to stream non-stop to raise funds for Child’s Play.  Please come join in!

Aurora Fireside Gathering

Nov 7 @ 4:00pm - Nov 7 @ 7:00pm

Event Description

I am hosting Fireside Gathering, a Hearthstone event, here in Aurora, ON, Canada. It will be held at Aurora Public Library Magna room:15145 Yonge St, Aurora, ON L4G 1M1, Canada, on Nov. 7th from 4 to 7 PM. There will be an entry fee of $10, with all proceeds going to Child’s Play. Some of event activities include: Blizzcon finals viewing party and single elimination tournaments. Whether you are a veteran or new at the game, anyone interested in the game is welcome!

Child’s Play Charity Event

Nov 14 @ 10:00am - Nov 15 @ 10:00am

Event Description

This will be a 24 hour Twitch stream event hosted by myself and at least one other person. We will have at least one video game streaming at all times, events, auctions, and other video game related events.

72 Hour MGS Live Stream

Nov 21 @ 8:00am - Nov 24 @ 8:00am

Event Description

A 72 hour live stream of Metal Gear Solid 1-5. It will run continuously with minimal break time and all proceeds will go directly to Child’s Play Charity.

The Official />/ SkeleStream

Oct 31 @ 4:00pm - Oct 31 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

Join us for some fun games as we prepare for the huge stream During December. We gotta help the kids!

Leadership Gaming Extravaganza

Oct 23 @ 9:00pm - Oct 24 @ 2:00am

Event Description

The Leadership Studies Gamer Group at West Virginia University invites you to come play games for Child’s Play charity. We will have games from all different era’s and genres on a vast array of counsels. There is a $5 entrance fee which includes unlimited gaming and 1 raffle ticket. You can purchase additional raffle tickets at a rate of $3 for one or $5 for two. There will be a grand prize of a $50 GameStop gift certificate along with multiple $25 gift cards. The event will be held during Up-All-Night in the ballroom of the mountainlair located at:
1550 University Ave, Morgantown, WV 26506

Fallout 4 Good Vs Evil

Nov 10 @ 12:01am - Nov 11 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

I and a friend will be playing fallout 4 from the start and playing for 24 hours, one player will only be allowed to go with positive or choices while the other will only be allowed to choose evil.
Viewer via will then be able to view either stream to see how our story’s pan out and see how close to the same story to can keep.

Come see our stream and see how our stories pan out.

24-Hour Howler

Oct 24 @ 12:00pm - Oct 25 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

The Play 2 Raise team is back in action playing party and horror games for at least 24 hours.  More donations result in more hours played!  Schedule and much more info on the website.

HPAW 24-Hour Charity Marathon

Oct 24 @ 10:00am - Oct 25 @ 10:00am

Event Description

Officially announcing the first ever official HPAW Charity Marathon! Starting 10:00 AM PT October 24th join Mempf, Nw Striker and a wide variety of guests as we play games, raise money for charity and overall have a great time with our fans and community. This years event will be benefiting the amazing Child’s Play Charity and BC Children’s Hospital. Join us as we explore a wide range of games new and old, fun and scary for at least 24 hours. Come for the games, stay for watching us break over the course of the marathon!

Join us live starting 10:00 AM PT Saturday October 24th until at least 10:00 AM PT Sunday October 25th either at or at

Here’s a small sample of the games to that could be played:
Metal Gear Solid V
Planetary Annihilation Titans
Kerbal Space Program
Don’t Starve Together
The Witcher 3
Mario Kart 8
Dark Souls II
Halo: The Master Chief Collection
And many many more!

Team Styxa

Oct 16 @ 6:00pm - Oct 19 @ 11:59am

Event Description

TeamStyxa is a stream team, who contributes for good while streaming. We have people of all ages and our goal is to stream and raise money for good combined.

This weekend we will try our best to reach the goal

Desert Bus for Hope

Nov 14 @ 10:00am - Nov 21 @ 8:00am

Event Description

Started in 2007 by internet sketch comedy group LoadingReadyRun, Desert Bus for Hope combines video games and tedium to benefit charity.

Desert Bus is the world’s longest running internet-based fundraiser and has raised more than $2.4 million for Child’s Play over its eight-year history.

What started as an improptu event broadcast from a living room is now a professionally organized fundraiser; it takes more than 15 people to plan the event and another 45 dedicated volunteers to keep the whole thing running once it starts.

Our viewers direct the action, talking with us via live chat, challenging us to sing, dance and generally make fools of ourselves in front of thousands of viewers. The Desert Bus Craft-Along allows people from all over the world to help us raise money by donating incredible handmade art and goods for auction.

Desert Bus is a great example of what happens when a huge community of people from all over the world - organizers, volunteers, crafters and viewers - come together to achieve a common goal.

Spooky Charity Spectacular

Oct 31 @ 6:00pm - Nov 1 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

Join us on twitch as we play video games till we drop. This halloween the eight of us will spend all night playing games and having fun with the viewers on twitch, all to raise money for Child’s Play. So join us for a good time and some good games for a good cause.

Chaos Marathon

Dec 12 @ 8:00am - Dec 14 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

We’re holding a 60-hour marathon of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sega games! Streaming live from, we’ll be interacting with viewers through its chat along with our facebook page (

Charitable Rust

Nov 14 @ 11:00am - Nov 14 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

Rust is an early access, sandbox style survival game created by Facepunch Studios and available for purchase through Steam. Rust provides its players with a harsh and brutal world and the players can be just as harsh and brutal. But can we prove that the players can also be charitable?

Charitable Rust is a 12-hour, global streaming event focused on providing contributions to a very worthwhile cause, the Child’s Play Charity.

Come join us on November 7, 2015 on as we stream live Rust gameplay with guest players, well-known streamers and special giveaways. Plus, you can expect other surprises as the event progresses. You won’t want to miss this star-studded event hosted by your favorite Rust specialists, the Rustafied Team.

UFV 24 Hour Charity fundraiser

Nov 6 @ 10:00am - Nov 7 @ 10:00am

Event Description

The Computing Student Association at The University of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada is proud to host it’s 8th annual child’s play charity fundraiser.  Hosted in the brand new Student Union Building on the UFV Abbotsford campus.  This 24 hour event on campus is a chance to play tons of games of all kinds, win plenty of awesome prizes, and have some awesome food at the university’s new restaurant

Come support the children and be a gamer that gives back!

24hr Star Wars LiveStream

Oct 8 @ 12:00am - Oct 9 @ 12:00am

Event Description

24 Hour Star Wars Battlefront Marathon, the countdown starts the moment the beta goes live. Lets raise awareness for the child’s play charity! Please come show some support on October the 8th on my twitch channel
100% of the proceeds benefit Child’s Play and will be payable threw a Designated Child’s Play widget. Thank you in advance.

Child’s Play Charity Event

Oct 23 @ 10:00am - Oct 25 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

Four Horsemen Comics and Gaming is inviting you to participate in a weekend of games that’s about more than casting spells and sniping noobs. From October 23rd to the 25th, we will be hosting a series of events that will benefit the West Virginia University Children’s Hospital. All entry fees from these events, will be used as a collective donation. Every tournament you play in increases your contribution to the charity. The more you game the more you give.

We are teaming up with other local businesses to collect an assortment of awesome prizes to be used at these events. Not only will you be gaming with your friends and helping out a great cause but you might win something sweet, as well.

So we ask you to swipe to the calendar app on your smart phone to clear the weekend of October 24th. Then promptly txt, Tweet, Skype and Facetime all your friends to let them know to come out. This is not a weekend to miss. We will be posting a schedule of events soon. We hope to see you there.

Sentinels Anniversary Event!

Oct 16 @ 12:00am - Oct 18 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

On October 16th, “Sentinels of the Multiverse” will be celebrating 1 year since initial release! In honor of this milestone, we will be throwing a 3-day party on October 16th, 17th and 18th. We will be streaming the game all weekend with our fans and using the opportunity to raise money for Child’s Play. For every copy of Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game we sell that weekend, we will be donating $1 to Child’s Play. You will also be able to donate through our donation widget as well. Come join your favorite heroes to save the multiverse, and raise some money for a great cause!

UTSA eSports 24 hr live stream

Oct 3 @ 8:00am - Oct 4 @ 8:00am

Event Description

On October 3rd UTSA ESports will be hosting our first charity live stream for the school year.

For 24 straight hours we will stream on Twitch TV while raising money for the charity Child’s Play.

During the stream, as we reach certain donation goals, we will be doing giveaways like Steam and Riot cards with more to be announced. As well as giveaways we will have some entertaining punishments and task for the streamers for your viewing pleasure.

Games will be announced closer to the event but we’d like to hear from you so tell us what games you’d like to see and play with us.

All proceeds will go to the charity Child’s Play so come out and show your support and play some games with us for a good cause.

Happy gaming Nerd-Birds :D

The Metal Gear Marathon 2015

Dec 13 @ 10:00am - Dec 18 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

From 10 AM (PST) Dec. 13th to 6 PM Dec. 18th, a group of nano-machine-powered fools will be subjecting themselves to a constant barrage of espionage, inane plot points, and dogs with eye-patches.

This is The Metal Gear Marathon - 2015.

Heroes for Hope

Oct 10 @ 5:00pm - Oct 10 @ 9:00pm

Event Description

Heroes for Hope is a charity showcase match where Team managers from the Heroes of the Storm competitive community. The showcase is a best of 5 games to see which teams managers come out as the winner. Prizes will also be given out in a raffle where anyone who donates can get a chance at winning. Proceeds from the event, including merchandise from sponsors,  will be donated to the charity. This event will also be streamed on Twitch tv. Join our event on Facebook to see further news.

Gamer’s Republic

Oct 11 @ 11:00am - Oct 11 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

Republic Seven Corners and Dreamers Vault Games are teaming up to raise money for Child’s Play! We are hosting a Magic: The Gathering Commander Tournament, and all proceeds from the tournament will be donated to Child’s Play. On top of this, 5% of all food and beverage sales generated from the tournament will be donated as well! There will be plenty of prizes, provided by Republic, Dreamers, and various local breweries! Dreamers will also have a table set up in house so if you have any last minute deck needs, they can help you out!

Due to the space available for the tournament, we will be capping the tournament at 64 players. Groups will be broken into pods of 4 for each round, and we will have a points system to determine the overall winners at the end of the day. Entry fee is $5 per person, and registration opens at 11:00am.

Malfunct’s Halloween

Oct 1 @ 2:00pm - Nov 1 @ 2:00pm

Event Description

For the 4th year Malfunct and his friends will spend 24 hours playing minecraft and hanging out with all the viewers on his twitch broadcast.

Smash Bros Charity Event

Nov 13 @ 6:00pm - Nov 13 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

Hamilton Badin students and faculty join in to play Super Smash Brothers for the Wii U!
A tournament will be held, as well as free play with all of the past iterations of the franchise.
The money to get in the event will go towards the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Unreal Tournament Tournament

Sep 20 @ 10:00am - Sep 20 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

Insert Coin Theater and Abstraction host a team-versus-team Unreal Tournament 2004 old-school arena shooter smackdown in a variety of game modes and maps from Team Deathmatch to Bombing Run to Instagib CTF.

Phi Delta Theta’s Game-A-Thon

Nov 13 @ 6:00pm - Nov 14 @ 3:00am

Event Description

Phi Delta Theta will be hosting its 7th annual Game-A-Thon on Friday November 13th in the Student Center Ball Room from 6PM-3AM. This event is put on to raise money and awareness for the Child’s Play charity. Game-A-Thon consists of hours of fun games, tournaments, raffles, and live entertainment. Tournaments will include Smash Brothers, FIFA, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and more TBA. Raffles will include prizes from Skyzone, Holiday World, and many more!

The Party Bus Collective 24HR!

Aug 29 @ 8:00am - Aug 30 @ 8:00am

Event Description

The Party Bus plays a variety of games for the benefit of Texas Children’s Hospital, we’re gaming for a good cause. Barreling down the road in our bus towards a greater cause. It will be across two streams! All info can be found on our facebook group and our twitch accounts!

WoWS Charity Livestream

Aug 27 @ 10:00am - Aug 28 @ 10:00am

Event Description

A 24 hour livestream of World of Warships, a game developed by Wargaming, where we will both laugh and cry at the game while raising money to help children forget about their illnesses and limitations through the joys of video games and technology.  Come take part in this wonderful event, and let’s make a difference in the lives of some children.

PCGL-Point Cook Gaming League

Nov 13 @ 10:40am - Nov 13 @ 1:15pm

Event Description

Players who want to compete in this event must pay a fee of $5 to compete and $1 to spectate, in this tournament hosted at the Point Cook Senior College.

The Games that MAY be played will most likely be:
-Rocket League
-Team Fortress 2

Prize Pool
1st Place - $50 (Split among each player)
2nd Place - Free Drinks
3rd Place - High fives
4th Place - Free Hugs
5th Place - Pat on the shoulder
6th Place - Participation award
Team Rules:
1 - Must be a team of 5 (a sub depending on game that is played)
2 - Only a maximum of 6 teams
3 - Must bring earphones or headset (Depending on game played)
4 - Have Fun
5 - Must pay entry fee
General Rules:
1 - No CHEATING (Severe punishment if caught)
2 - Be mature
3 - Spectators must pay spectating fee
4 - No Trash Talk
5 - Have Fun

Twitch rage game marathon

Aug 28 @ 4:00pm - Aug 29 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

Gonna play games that are hard and have to parkour.
Not quite like marathon because I’m not good at theese games! Games that I’m gonna play
Cat mario
unfair mario
give up
give up 2
Sonic unfair

for the cildren!


Aug 29 @ 10:00am - Aug 29 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

Ever since I started this channel, Ive always wanted to give back to charity, and make a difference. But i was never big enough to do anything I wanted to do. So here we are 14,000 strong and I can proudly say that it is time to make a change !

So ill be doing a 12 hour Charity Live Stream on, to raise money for a chairty called “childs play” On the stream ill be playing loads of games with friends and fans, answering questions, doing challenges, and just hanging out in general ! If thats not your thing, or you dont have time to stop by the stream i would really appreciate it if you could simply hop by, and donate as much as you can to the cause !

Childs play is a non profit that raises money to bring toys and games to sick kids in hospitals. I cant imagine living my entire childhood in a hospital, I just want to make these kids life on this planet a little bit more fun :) thats what being a kid is all about !

BLOPS 3 4 Child’s Play

Aug 19 @ 8:00am - Aug 23 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Due to the Black Ops 3 Beta launching on the 19th for PS4, the group 3D eSports is coming together putting on multiple streams through various times from August 19th - 23rd. During this time, we will be collecting donations that will go directly to Child’s Play Charity, and will be giving away multiple prizes throughout the event.

Charity Live Stream

Aug 29 @ 10:00am - Aug 30 @ 1:00am

Event Description

So ive been wanting to do this for a while, but ive never been big enough as a channel to make an impact. So here i am, with almost 14,000 subscribers, and its time to make a change !

So on August 29, I will be doing a 15 hour live stream charity event raising money for Child’s play on twitch tv !

Awesomenauts League with Bets

Aug 15 @ 10:00am - Aug 16 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

The Awesomenauts League with Bets (ALWB) is a league-style tournament for the community of Awesomenauts - a 2D platforming MOBA.

The ALWB Weekend Event will wrap up Season 2 and consist of the All-Star game festivities as well as the casting of the playoff finals!

Join the stream on August 15th and 16th to watch some exciting and competitive Awesomenauts matches where plenty of prizes will be given out to viewers (which include copies of the game and in-game DLC).

PeaSut’s: Play for a Cause

Sep 13 @ 10:00am - Sep 13 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

What’s up everybody! My birthday is fast approaching, and this year i’d like to do something different. Instead of having a day of cake and presents, I’d like to host my first annual 12 hour stream-a-thon with all profits going to the Redmond based charity Child’s Play.

Child’s Play is a great non-profit organization that has been around since 2003, “Child’s Play seeks to improve the lives of children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters through the generosity and kindness of the video game industry and the power of play.” Since their conception in the early 2000’s they have raised $35,108,429 for kids in need.

Once this event has been accepted by the charity, all donations will be accepted digitally through a link to their pay pal account that I will provide. You don’t need to give someone playing video games for twelve hours your hard earned money.

The stream will be hosted at Twitch.Tv/PeaSut and because of this, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to help support a good cause. So give this page a like, and help me get my birthday wish out there!

#Critforthekids 24h Pathfinder

Aug 15 @ 12:00pm - Aug 16 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

#Critforthekids is a 24 hour Pathfinder tabletop roleplaying game marathon that the viewers can participate in! By donating to Child’s play the viewers will be able to dictate how the game should be played out! Join in the fun and help or thwart our adventurers by donating to child’s play!

Super Charity Stream!

Aug 6 @ 11:00am - Aug 7 @ 2:00am

Event Description

Playing classic Nintendo games for Child’s Play!


Dec 12 @ 9:00am - Dec 13 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

MinersPlay is a Minecraft charity livestream event to raise money for Child’s Play. This event features youtubers, streamers, and some people you may not know yet, that are in the Minecraft community. It will be fun for all who want to hang out and help raise money for a great cause.

No Level Play 24 Hour Marathon

Sep 18 @ 8:00am - Sep 19 @ 8:00am

Event Description

I think we can raise at least $1,000 for Child’s Play. Get some video games into the hands of some kids who are dealing with a rough patch in their life! Basically, Child’s Play gives video games to children’s hospitals, domestic violence shelters, and places like that, to help make a depressing place as much less so as possible. One of my friends, who helped me decide on a charity, told me she was volunteering at a hospital where Child’s Play was helping out, and it made a huge difference in the lives of the kids there. That’s why we decided to choose it for this benefit.

Triangles gaming tournament

Oct 24 @ 2:00pm - Oct 24 @ 5:00pm

Event Description

Triangle fraternity at Colorado State University is hosting a video game tournament for anyone to join. Their is a fee to enter the tournament and all money that is earned will go towards the child’s play organization to help kids at the Denver children’s hospital have video games to play during their stay. The game being played for the tournament is super smash bros. The winner of the tournament will earn a prize. This tournament will take place in the CSU LSC room 382 from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm on October 24th.

Star Road Charity Livestream

Aug 9 @ 12:00am - Aug 9 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

Join me for a charity live stream as I collect all the 100-coin stars as part of my Super Mario Star Road series!

The stream will take place Sunday, August 9th at 2:00 PM CST (Central Standard Time) and will last as long as it takes to collect all the stars!

The stream will take care on my Twitch channel:

I plan on having the donation link open the entire day so if you can’t make the stream, you can still donate sometime during the day and support Child’s Play!

Hope you can stop by and spend some of you Sunday with me!
-TheGameSalmon (Sam)

Damage Boost

Aug 15 @ 3:00pm - Aug 18 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

Damage Boost will be a speedrunning marathon dedicated to raising money for Child’s Play. It will be hosted on twitch on the Channel DamageBoostMarathon.

24H Livestream for Charity

Aug 4 @ 11:00pm - Aug 5 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

Come hang out in chat, Play some sweet games, and help an amazing cause to help children experience some of the best forms of enjoyment. Hope to see you there!

JumpScares Marathon

Oct 16 @ 7:00pm - Oct 18 @ 7:00pm

Event Description

For one weekend in Oct spooky video games will be livestreamed/played to raise awareness & money for Child’s Play!

Console Games For Charity

Aug 12 @ 12:00am - Aug 13 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Join TheAn1meMan, Shunakka, DarkScarabs, Voxfire and Me “MrRayhonda” for some good old fashioned console gaming to raise money for a great cause! The cause for the stream is Child’s Play. Let’s join together to make the lives of many children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters better by providing them with games and entertainment they normally wouldn’t have! Together we can make a lot of children smile and look forward to the future!

Destiny Sherpa Marathon

Aug 29 @ 3:00am - Aug 31 @ 3:00am

Event Description

The reddit community of Destiny comes together for a charity livestream marathon in support of Child’s Play.

Moderators from a variety of Destiny subreddits along with special gusts from the community host the event as we help sherpa our fellow gamers through raids, strikes and crucible matches.

Join us for a fun, relaxing 48 hours of gaming. Anyone can join in and opt to party up with the host as we strive to add as many smiles as we can to children’s hospitals around the world!

MRH 24h Gaming!

Aug 12 @ 12:00pm - Aug 13 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

Join TheAn1meMan, Shunakka, DarkScarabs, Voxfire and Me “MrRayhonda” for some good old fashioned console gaming to raise money for a great cause! The cause for the stream is Child’s Play. Let’s join together to make the lives of many children in hospitals and domestic violence shelters better by providing them with games and entertainment they normally wouldn’t have! Together we can make a lot of children smile and look forward to the future!

24-Hours of Legend of Zelda

Jul 26 @ 9:00am - Jul 27 @ 9:00am

Event Description

For a full 24 hours, from 9am PST on Sunday to 9am PST Monday, I’ll be playing all kinds of Zelda games from the gamecube collector’s edition as well as Twilight Princess! That’s The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II, Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, and Twilight Princess to choose from! Come, laugh, donate, and play! A donation of at least $5 gets you into a raffle to win some sweet Steam codes, and you can “buy” perks - such as naming Link - with donations!
You can go here to watch the stream:

DKS 12 Hour Video Game Mashup

Jul 25 @ 12:00pm - Jul 25 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Dry Knuckle Studios Takes On There First 12 Hour Live Stream For Charity!

Streams For Dreams

Sep 4 @ 6:00pm - Sep 6 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

We will be hosting a 48-hour gaming stream at on playing a variety of games including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, H1Z1, and more. We will have giveaways including gaming equipment and in-game items related to the games we play.

More info can be found at our site

Video Game Marathon

Sep 4 @ 5:30am - Sep 6 @ 12:00am

Event Description

On September 4-6 our team will be taking on 20 different video games, the likes of Mega Man, Super Mario, Sonic The Hedgehog and many more! Over the course of two days come hang out with us, donate and join in on the chat! We will finish the game before moving on to the next one, so come watch us live on Hope to see you there!

PK Thon

Aug 7 @ 2:00pm - Aug 9 @ 9:00am

Event Description

PK Thon suddenly attacked!
Join the ADP Team for our fifth annual ‘thon as we play through MOTHER 3 for Child’s Play! They’ll be action, romance, and outrageous parties. Okay, maybe not all of those - we’re not sure! Head over to on August 7th if you don’t want to miss out. See you there, EB fans!

Child’s Play Madness

Aug 12 @ 6:00am - Aug 14 @ 6:00am

Event Description

48-hour “Video Game Live Stream” benefiting Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Via Child’s Play Charity.

Caffeine Run

Jul 18 @ 2:00pm - Jul 19 @ 2:00pm

Event Description

Caffeine Run, a 24-Hour Livestream Marathon to help raise money and awareness for Child’s Play Charity. The event starts on July 18th at 2:00PM EDT and will go for 24 hours.

Your hosts Ryan “Spooky” Barr and Alex “alexvanpelt” VanPelt will be playing various games including some single player titles, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PUGs with viewers, modded Minecraft, and more.

Expect chat raffles for giveaways of games and items as well as grand prize giveaways of peripherals and other gaming gear! You can watch the event live on Team Caffeinated’s channel:

BrigadeCon 2015

Oct 10 @ 12:00am - Oct 11 @ 12:00am

Event Description

BrigadeCon 2015 is an online tabletop RPG convention for all people, of all ages, in all places. Events include live games of D&D and many other RPGs, and live panels on game-mastering, world-building, and adventure creation. Donations will be accepted for Child’s Play during the entirety of the convention.

Team Osime’s Summer Livestream

Jul 24 @ 5:00am - Jul 27 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

We’re back (yay)! We will be playing Minecraft, Super Smash Bros, and Pokemon to raise a bit of money for Child’s Play!
The website is here:
Our twitter is here:

Nintendo Marathon

Nov 9 @ 10:00am - Nov 13 @ 11:00pm

Event Description

A group of gamers from south texas joined together to raise money to help children in need.

Game On Marathon III

Oct 15 @ 10:00am - Oct 19 @ 2:00pm

Event Description

Join us while we are battling it out in the attempt save various princesses. We hand picked our favorite games to play from start to finish, and this year we will be doing it for 100 Hours! You are part of the marathon, Twitch chat is displayed in the gaming room for everyone to see! We are going to have hand made prizes, exciting events, trivia, challenges, etc… that you get to participate in!

Skima’s Super Stream

Jul 31 @ 2:00pm - Aug 3 @ 2:00pm

Event Description

We return with our third annual Skima’s Super Stream! (Please read that in a really epic, echoing voice. Thank you.) “What is Skima’s Super Stream?” you may ask. Skima’s Super Stream (or S3) is an annual charity marathon held over on our channel! This year we will be streaming to raise money for the awesome Child’s Play Charity and we have some really great stuff lined up. Our cast has expanded to include eight (possibly nine) dedicated cast members that can’t wait to see you in chat, we have new and improved donation goals and challenges ranging from our tried and true controller challenges to exciting new milestone goals, and a challenging series of games to send us into fits of rage! Leading up to the marathon we will be streaming almost every night to build up the hype train. We will starting on July 31st at 2pm Pacific Time and going for 72 straight hours, so mark your calendars and tell your friends!

Mandela Day Gaming Marathon 2

Jul 17 @ 9:00pm - Jul 18 @ 3:00pm

Event Description

Last year I streamed for 3 hours for my 61 minutes for Mandela Day. (Mandela Day is the day Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born and my country does charity on this day)
This year I will be streaming for about 18 hours (for me 6am to midnight/ start 9:00 pm PST) I’ll be playing different games including Star Wars Games, Lego Games, Minecraft related stuff, Portal 2 Maps and more.

SNES 12 Hour Stream

Jul 18 @ 9:01am - Jul 18 @ 9:01pm

Event Description

Come watch as Shaft the Turtle and I venture back to Nintendo and some of its classics such as Super Mario World 3, Donkey Kong Country, and A Link to the Past if there is time. Stream starts July 18 at 12:01 PM EST (9:01 AM PST) and goes on until 12:01 AM EST (9:01 PM PST). Please come by and support our cause and have a great time with us :)

Donate Link:

TgT’s 2 year 24hr Live Stream

Jul 24 @ 2:00pm - Jul 25 @ 2:00pm

Event Description

That’s right folks it’s that time of year again. Time for our annual 24 hour live stream on . This year we are going through the Child’s Play charity organization, that helps buy kids in need toys and other stuff. Our goal this year is $500! I know we can do this!


Aug 28 @ 6:00pm - Aug 29 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

Join us for our event at

Tons of prizes to giveaway and tons of games to watch.

Games for Kids

Jul 11 @ 10:00am - Jul 11 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

12 hour marathon where we’ll be playing couch multiplayer video games and tabletop games. Our goal is to raise at least $10,000!

Come check out either of our streams at:
Video game stream:
Tabletop stream:

Terraria Live Stream

Jul 2 @ 4:00pm - Jul 9 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

Streaming Terraria live for several days.


Jul 25 @ 9:00am - Jul 27 @ 12:00am

Event Description

BlockJam is a large minecraft charity event to be held from July 25-27. There will be a large public server where you donate to get in. All your favorite youtubers and streamers will be there! An official list is coming soon.

ShortBus Network

Jul 17 @ 8:00pm - Jul 18 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

Our Annual Childs Play Stream.

Games for Donations

Jul 5 @ 11:00am - Jul 11 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

We created this event because we want to raise money for Childs Play. From Sunday July 5th at 11am until Sunday July 11th at 12pm. We will be streaming all week long. We will be giving away games as we reach certain donation amounts, along with some crazy pledges as well.
All streamers will be doing what we do best and that is entertain. No matter if it’s playing games, chatting with the viewers, having a debate, or simply making fools of ourselves. We are all hear for one reason and that is to raise money for a great organization.

24 Hour Charity Gaming Stream

Jun 30 @ 12:00pm - Jul 1 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

I’m doing a 24 hour charity livestream. During that time, I’ll be playing games and stuff.. Yeah.

Metroid HQ Marathon

Jul 15 @ 3:00pm - Jul 19 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

Join us in celebrating Metroid HQ’s 11th anniversary as we play through the entire Metroid franchise so far!

Cheat Codes for Charity

Jul 25 @ 9:00am - Jul 26 @ 9:00am

Event Description

Cheat Codes for Charity was organized to help raise awareness and donations for Child’s Play Charity. This is our third annual gaming marathon. We have raised over $3,500 over the last two years. We are gamers located in Utah and across the U.S.

Reach out to join us onsite in Utah or help spread the message online.

Random Battle Con

Sep 4 @ 12:00am - Sep 6 @ 12:00am

Event Description

Random Battle Con is coming to the Lansing Center and Radisson Hotel in Lansing, MI on Sept 4th-6th, 2015! This new convention will be a three day event that focuses exclusively on gaming (console gaming, arcade gaming, and tabletop gaming)!

Starting Friday morning at the Lansing Center and Radisson Hotel Lansing our convention will run from 9AM until 6PM Sunday afternoon. We will have a large arcade/console gaming room, large PC gaming room, large tabletop gaming room, gaming tournaments going on all weekend long, several rooms for panels, over 50 unique exhibitors, special guests, and much more!

PBRC 24 Hour CP Stream nep

Jul 18 @ 3:00pm - Jul 19 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

Fighting game group Push Button, Receive Combo playing various games over a 24 hour period to help raise money for Child’s Play.

D&D 72hr Fundraiser Marathon

Jul 9 @ 10:00am - Jul 12 @ 12:00am

Event Description

A Dungeons and Dragons Marathon that will run for 72 hours in order to raise money and awareness for Child’s Play.  Funds will be collected in the form of donations.  100% of the donations will be given to charities.  Stop by to watch our decreasing sanity and support a good cause!

Charity Livestream L4D 2

Jun 20 @ 4:00pm - Jun 20 @ 10:00am

Event Description

This is an Live stream for Child’s Play for 6 hours (7:00 am-1:00 pm EDT) and ALL proceeds from the live stream will go to Child’s Play.

Metal Gear Marathon

Jun 12 @ 12:00pm - Jun 15 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

This summer join Rated M for Marathon as we come together to raise money for Child’s Play as we play through the Metal Gear series! This is our second run through the Metal Gear series and we are looking to blow the total raised from the previous Metal Gear marathon away! We are looking to break the $20,000 lifetime mark, so join us to make this our best event ever!

UVic ESS Charity Gamestream

Jun 26 @ 6:00pm - Jun 27 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

The University of Victoria Engineering Students’ Society is hosting a game stream as our charity event for this term. We will be streaming for 24 hours, with the Computer Science Course Union joining us with their LAN party for the first part of the stream. We will be playing games such as StarCraft, Counter Strike, Super Smash Bros, and much more.

24 Hour Fallout New Vegas

Jun 4 @ 12:00pm - Jun 5 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

I will be doing a 24 hour livestream of Fallout New Vegas to earn money for Child’s Play.

Carbyne Studios 24 Hour Event

Jun 12 @ 12:00pm - Jun 13 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

Carbyne Studios is a small YouTube organization that produces video game related content.  We are hosting our first 24 hour event to support Child’s Play.  we’ll have giveaways during the stream, brought to you by Razer.  We will also have special guests throughout the stream.  Hope you enjoy!

Far Lands or Bust FLoB-athon!

May 30 @ 12:00am - May 31 @ 12:00am

Event Description

In season 5 of Far Lands or Bust, fans (aka “Farlanders”) have raised over $50,000 for Child’s Play Charity! Since Kurt’s journey began in 2011, the total raised for charity is over $319,000! On May 30th, 2015, a special Far Lands or Bust Marathon Livestream is being held to thank loyal fans for their support and generosity. Many other popular Minecraft and YouTube personalities will join Kurt as special guests throughout the weekend event. Of course, the fundraiser continues for Child’s Play Charity until the grand finale when Kurt presses F3 in Minecraft to see how far he has walked towards the Far Lands!


Jun 27 @ 10:00am - Jun 27 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

Megathonman is a live stream event over Twitch where we will play the classic Mega Man series to raise money for Child’s Play! Come join us in busting Dr. Wily for the kids! 100% of donations go to Child’s Play!

C-Change 6 Hour Livestream

Jun 7 @ 1:00pm - Jun 7 @ 7:00pm

Event Description

Starting at 1:00 PM (Melbourne Time), Myself and 6-7 Others will be streaming on Twitch to raise funds and awareness for Child’s Play as part of our community service for school.

Nerdgrls B’day Charity Stream

May 30 @ 2:00am - May 30 @ 2:00pm

Event Description

Hey Everyone!

For my Birthday I will be holding a 12 Hour livestream to raise money for the amazing Child’s Play!

It will start at 2AM PST and will end at 2PM PST

Which in Perth, Australia is 5PM till 5AM

I will be doing a range of Games, with some special guests joining me during the stream.
There will also be some small game giveaways during the stream- So keep your eyes and ears open!
My stream goal is $500 AUD

Livestream Announcement:

Child’s Payday

Jun 13 @ 12:00pm - Jun 13 @ 10:00pm

Event Description

The Rusty Chains livestreaming crew assembles for a massive marathon to support Child’s Play. They will be playing Payday 2 by utilizing a different challenge every hour.

Praise or Punish the Penguin

May 23 @ 10:00am - May 23 @ 6:00pm

Event Description

Have you ever wanted to mess with someone’s game play to royally mess them over? Have you ever wanted to donate to a good cause? Now you can! Xavior Penguin presents “Praise or Punish the Penguin.” You can now help (Praise) or hurt (Punish) Xavior Penguin while donating to a great charity.

Child’s Play Charity is a group that get toys, books, and games to children in hospitals around the world and help them every day. By donating to Child’s Play Charity through their Widget on his Twitch.TV page, you will directly affect his game play. Any amount over $1 will affect the way he plays the game. Anything from Potions that help to Creepers blowing up in his face, you will be able to dictate what happens in the game called Minecraft. Goals will try to be accomplished while raising money for Child’s Play Charity.

Please, join Xavior Penguin on May 23rd, 2015 at 10am Central Time (4pm GMT-6) for an 8-hour Live Stream of Minecraft on Twitch.TV/xaviorpenguin to help raise money for Child’s Play Charity. Let us do what we can to Praise or Punish him while we raise money for a good cause. You can find more information here at .

Minnesota Nice Charity Stream

May 16 @ 8:00am - May 16 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

Minnesota Nice is a collective of Activision employees, friends and family who will be raising money for the
Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

We’ll be a doing a 12 hour marathon on two different channels playing a large variety of games from a number of different genres and platforms.

Activision Publishing has generously donated their office space and resources for this fundraiser.

Dark Swordsman’s Livestream

May 15 @ 9:00pm - May 17 @ 12:00pm

Event Description

This is a Charity Live stream organized by me, Kyle (Dark Swordsman) to raise money for child’s play. A schedule will be posted on the twitch channel ( ).

Mario Mania

Jun 26 @ 4:00am - Jun 29 @ 4:00am

Event Description

Description: Nintendo Project returns for another round of games in the first marathon of many to come through the summer, Mario Mania. Our streamers will play through Mario games from all across the series for the enjoyment of the viewers and for the goal of raising money for Child’s Play Charity.

This is NOT a speed running marathon, so if you expect over the top world record pace speed run strategies you’ll be in for a treat of streamers from a wide variety of skill levels with a fair amount of death and rage depending on the player.

Bodhi’s Charity Stream

May 10 @ 11:30pm - May 12 @ 11:59pm

Event Description

Bodhi’s Sound Repair’s Charity Stream, with prizes donated by Overkill Software, and Tripwire Interactive.

Give By Gaming: 48-Hour Event

May 15 @ 4:00pm - May 17 @ 4:00pm

Event Description

We’re hosting a 48-hour Smash Bros. extravaganza in support of the Child’s Play charity. Child’s Play is a game industry charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in their network of over 70 hospitals worldwide.

Starting Friday at 4pm, we’ll be running various game tournaments and challenges. We’ll be running in tandem with out friends in Houston at Smash United.

WeddingWire Donate Day

May 8 @ 8:00am - May 8 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

WeddingWire is doing a company wide donate day. Most employees are going to charities and helping out for a few hours, but a few of us are doing a 12 hour marathon stream and attempting to raise money for Child’s Play!

24 hour game-a-thon

May 4 @ 7:00am - May 5 @ 7:00am

Event Description

I will be streaming for 24 hours to try and raise money for child’s play. I will play a range of games, and have my steam list available online to vote/ask for a game to be played next!

Chaos Marathon

Jun 11 @ 8:00am - Jun 13 @ 8:00pm

Event Description

We’re holding a 60-hour marathon of Sonic the Hedgehog games! Streaming live from Twitch.Tv, we’ll also be interacting with viewers through its chat along with facebook (

Also: see for more information closer to the event.