Second Life Child's Play Donation Kiosk

Child's Play has a presence in Second Life, and runs Donation Kiosks in game. You can donate to these kiosks which are owned by the Child's Play Avatar. We will collect the Lindens periodically, convert them to USD and use them to further our programs. While these kiosks will be at various locations and events run by our wonderful fundraising community, they will not have access to the L$ you donate, so you can feel safe knowing your donation will get to the right place. If you would like a copy of the donation kiosk so you can run your own events feel free to email us at

It's possible someone may make a kiosk that looks like ours, so here are the things you should watch out for.

The Child's Play Avatar name is "ChildsPlayCharity", all one word with no surname.

The Avatar looks like the screenshot below, with the profile pic of our logo.

Second Life CP Avatar

The Kiosk looks like the "Donate Here" box below.

Second Life Donation kiosk

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

Big thank you to Ayame Kintsugi, Marianne McCann, and Rachel Seelowe for helping us get this set up and for the fantastic community of Second Life for supporting our mission over the years.