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A new record! $5.7 mil for kids

Big news today: the gaming community has surpassed last year’s final total of $5 mil - as of today, you have raised $5.7mil for Child’s Play!

Every year we are amazed and humbled by the generosity of this industry and community, and this year is no exception. Thanks to your support, we have been able to add hospitals to our network year after year and 2014 will see even more new facilities receiving toys and games for the kids they care for. Not only that, but our domestic violence shelter program will be opening general applications in the spring and we’re excited to help that network grow in a big way. The impact of your donations will touch the lives of millions of kids when they need encouragement, distraction, entertainment; when they desperately need time to just be a kid. For that, we cannot thank you enough. We still have a few more days of our holiday fundraising season, so consider checking out your local facility’s Amazon wishlist or making a general donation to support the facilities we benefit. We cannot thank you enough for the incredible impact you have made and continue making every day.

$4.3 mil making holidays happier for sick kids

Happy Holidays from everyone at Child’s Play! Thanks to you all, the holidays are going to be a little brighter for kids in hospitals around the world - as of today, the gaming community has raised $4.3 million! There are gifts shipping to our network hospitals from Amazon as we speak; families are watching new DVDs together, siblings are playing handheld games, Child Life specialists are using tablets to help distract and support pediatric patients. And it’s all thanks to you. Our annual drive extends all the way to January 1st, so there’s still time to donate: either through wishlists, or direct donations which will send consoles and larger items to the hospitals as well as supporting our new domestic violence shelter initiative. The impact of these gifts is profound. John, a childhood lymphoma survivor, shared his experience of having games during his illness:

Instead of focusing on the treatment I turned my focus to the game. It helped me escape the current world I was in and allowed me to feel like a normal kid again. That gift did so much more for me then just distract me, it impacted my personality and character.

$4.3 million dollars, going to help kids around the world. All thanks to you!

Achievement Unlocked: 2013 Goal Met!

Dinner Auction 2013
Our annual dinner auction was held on Thursday, and it was a wonderful evening celebrating 10 years of Child’s Play. We were able to feature some absolutely incredible items including art, gadgets, tours, and more. At the end of the night, generous gamers had raised over $250,000 for our network of hospitals and our new domestic violence shelters program! We couldn’t be more grateful for the support of the community and industry who donated items and attended the dinner. Thank you all!

As usual, everyone looked absolutely lovely: our photobooth photos, courtesy of brilliant photographer Dabe Alan, are already online. Check ‘em out!

The good news keeps coming: as of today we have not only met, but exceeded our 2013 fundraising goal! Gamers around the world have raised over $3.4 million for kids in hospitals and domestic violence shelters. We’re proud and humbled: your support makes an uncertain, painful, traumatic time easier for these kids and their families, which is particularly welcome during the holidays. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

Hospital Map
We’re often asked which of our partner hospitals could use some extra support for the holiday season. If you’d like to donate to a facility that has had a slower year on the Amazon donations front, check out the wishlists for Nemours Children’s Hospital, Children’s Mercy Hospital, St. Luke’s, American Family Hospital, and Sanford Children’s Hospital. It doesn’t take a huge donation to make a serious impact - even one DVD, book, or game can help hundreds of patients in these facilities, and your support is so deeply appreciated.