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Child’s Play Administrative Internship

Child’s Play is offering an internship program for individuals studying or are interested in non-profit project management, public relations, or administration. You’ll be working directly with the Child’s Play team to keep the foundation running on a day to day basis. The position requires you live in or around Redmond, WA. Basic duties can be broken down into the following three categories:

- Accounting for and managing contributions
- Filing forms and paperwork for corporate giving programs
- Issuing receipts for incoming donations
- Generation and editing of documents to assist donors, companies, and more in their interactions with Child’s Play (fundraising guides, media kits, website copy, etc.)
- Quick responses to community and corporate FAQs

Event coordination
- Assist with preparations for our annual golf tournaments and dinner auction
- Interns for the summer and winter seasons will be on-site at our golf tournament/dinner auction to assist with event setup and execution

Community Relations
- Coordinate fundraising event calendar by reviewing submissions and providing feedback to planners
- Assisting community event coordinators with the basics of their events (event calendar submissions, widget setup, providing logos and other materials)
- Generation of materials to assist with community events

This is what we are looking for:
- You need to have a crazy-person level of attention to detail
- You need to be smart - the workplace you will be part of are filled with people at the top of their game
- You should have a passion for the cause
- You should be familiar with video games and gaming culture, including game rating systems
- Strong project management skills, organizational skills and time-management skills
- You should be able to lift 50 lb boxes short distances
- You should have no problems working in a creative and potentially offensive environment (please see Penny Arcade: The Series for reference)
- The ability to communicate and work well in a team environment as well as on an individual basis
- You should have no problem appearing on camera

Here are some other things we’re using to select candidates:
- You need to have a solid understanding of Excel, PDF generation, Google Drive and Gmail
- Intent for a career in non-profit work
- Experience with Photoshop and Illustrator is a plus

As this is an internship, we do want to ensure you have some solid takeaways from your experience. During your interview process we’ll talk about your goals, but here’s what you can expect:
- Exposure to and understanding of the logistics of being part of a low-overhead, efficient, and impact focused nonprofit
- Familiarity with nonprofit related software and organizations: Guidestar, Easymatch, United Way, etc.
- Interaction with an engaged, passionate community and acquiring a deeper understanding of grassroots fundraising methods
- Event coordination methods for fundraising events of 200-700 people
- Best practices for producing materials for media, grassroots fundraisers, beneficiaries and more.

Compensation & Timing
- Timeline: Immediate
- Duration: 3 months
- Hours: Minimum 20, up to 40 hours per week
- Compensation: Hourly

Cover letters with resumes are due on February 5th, 2014, emailed directly to with the subject “Child’s Play Internship Application”. You will receive a confirmation email.

And the total is…

2013 was a year of celebration, retrospect, and new horizons for Child’s Play. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary for the foundation, it was a great opportunity for us to reflect on the amazing growth we’ve experienced. In 2003, gamers united to raise $250,000 for Seattle Children’s Hospital to make the holidays a little bit brighter for the kids in need. In 2013 we now work with over 90 hospitals around the world, with hundreds of thousands of children benefiting from your gifts and contributions, as the generosity of gamers has only grown.

Our final fundraising total for 2013 is an astonishing $7.6 million.

$7.6 million. It’s absolutely mind boggling. Ten years ago, we wouldn’t have believed it possible. That’s more than the cumulative total for the first six years of Child’s Play, raised in the last 12 months. Not only have you been able to support our growing network of hospitals, but we’re also been able to expand our initiatives and benefit children in domestic violence shelters. In 2014 that program will move past the pilot program to encompass facilities across the country and provide them with vital resources to support the kids they see every day.

Child life specialists reach out to us every year, overwhelmed and amazed at the generosity of gamers. The iPads they use help distract and comfort kids as they prep for surgery. An Xbox will find its way to the community playroom for siblings to play together again. The movies, craft supplies, CDs, toys, and books sent from Amazon wishlists let kids just be kids for a moment: not sick kids, not hurt kids, not scared or lonely kids. Just kids playing like kids. And it’s all thanks to you.

The bulk of our donations don’t come in the form of huge grants: the millions are made up of the $10, $20, $50 donations. They come from game marathons, golf tournaments,  eBay auctions, and bake sales. They come from the incredible community that makes the tag line “Gamers give back” an understatement. The community coming together for 10 years has now resulted in $25,196,670. We are humbled, proud, and overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you for making 2013 our best year yet.

A new record! $5.7 mil for kids

Big news today: the gaming community has surpassed last year’s final total of $5 mil - as of today, you have raised $5.7mil for Child’s Play!

Every year we are amazed and humbled by the generosity of this industry and community, and this year is no exception. Thanks to your support, we have been able to add hospitals to our network year after year and 2014 will see even more new facilities receiving toys and games for the kids they care for. Not only that, but our domestic violence shelter program will be opening general applications in the spring and we’re excited to help that network grow in a big way. The impact of your donations will touch the lives of millions of kids when they need encouragement, distraction, entertainment; when they desperately need time to just be a kid. For that, we cannot thank you enough. We still have a few more days of our holiday fundraising season, so consider checking out your local facility’s Amazon wishlist or making a general donation to support the facilities we benefit. We cannot thank you enough for the incredible impact you have made and continue making every day.