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Announcing the Child’s Play Donation Widget

It’s no secret that the gaming community is the heart and soul of Child’s Play. The efforts of individuals and groups to raise funds and awareness for Child’s Play is incredible. Just take a look at our Events calendar and you’ll see what I mean: people from all walks of life, all different types of games and geekery, coming together to help out some kids when they need it most.

Which is why we created the Child’s Play Fundraising Widget. We want to make fundraising simple and secure- for both the donor and the event organizer. The widget looks like this:

Donations made through the Child’s Play widget come straight to Child’s Play, regardless of who sets it up. It can be created with or without a ‘Goal’ and can be an event (like a marathon or game stream) or in honor (celebrating a birthday or in memory of someone). Donors have the option of signing up for a Donor account or donating right away through Paypal. Donor accounts allow you to view your past donations and print tax receipts.

Creating a widget is easy. Event organizers can track how much money their event has raised as well as view basic donor information (only if the donor makes it available- donors can choose to be anonymous) for easy giveaways and raffles.

Like our events calendar, each widget is individually reviewed and approved. If you are donating through a Child’s Play Fundraising Widget you can be confident that donations are going directly to Child’s Play - they never pass through event organizers or any third party.

We ask that all digital fundraisers use the Child’s Play Donation Widget. This absolves event organizers of tax requirements, guarantees donors that their full donation will go directly to the cause, prevents doubling up on digital transaction fees, and more. We do understand that there are some cases in which the Child’s Play Donation Widget might not fit; if you plan to use a different fundraising tool, please contact Jamie prior to the event for permission. If you have any questions about your fundraiser and how it fits in to our policy, please email Jamie (

We’re extremely excited to release a new fundraising tool to make it easier and safer than ever to organize events and donate to Child’s Play. If you have more questions, there is a FAQ. If you have questions the FAQ doesn’t address, you’re welcome to email or for technical support,