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The term “record-setting” doesn’t do our final total justice, nor does incredible, amazing, generous, or overwhelming. In 2012, Child’s Play Charity raised $5,085,761 for children across the globe.

From our own events to a record number of community-run fundraisers (many of which were featured on our new website calendar), we as a group were able to raise an astonishing amount to benefit kids in hospitals, clinics, and domestic violence shelters worldwide. But each and every one of these events requires thousands of volunteers, organizers, and participants, each pouring in late hour after late hour, weekend after weekend, to make these events work.

Child’s Play is fortunate to have this amazing community of generous, engaged individuals who are deeply passionate for the cause. It quite literally would be nothing without your amazing support. From individual donations and wishlist purchases to filling out donation-matching paperwork to even watching and cheering on a marathon, every effort makes a difference.

In addition, we’d like to recognize some huge efforts from the community this year. There were a few individual donors. We know you don’t want the spotlight, but please know we appreciate your support deeply. We’ll leave it at that. We also want to call out the Humble Bundle team, as being involved with them has been a, well, humbling experience. The support that stems from these bundles makes a profound impact on the work we do.

The 6th Desert Bus for Hope marathon from Loading Ready Run, in addition to all of the other incredible marathons that were run this year like Mario Marathon, Zeldathon, and many many others, were not only a blast to watch, but the fundraising achieved through them was record-breaking on its own. Every dollar is earned through a monumental amount of work organizing the technology, auctions, giveaways and call-ins. Their hard work illustrates how great our community is - passionate, generous individuals working with gamers to accomplish an incredible goal.

We are overwhelmed, honored, grateful, and incredibly proud to be a part of such an amazing community of generous gamers. Thank you for a record-breaking 2012!