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December is here!

Happy December, everyone! That big green bar keeps filling up: we have now raised $1,225,000, thanks to you! That is many, many truckloads of toys, games, and more for our 80 network hospitals worldwide. Those gifts will help kids like Roxanne’s nephew:

“I am the aunt of a child who was hospitalized due to congenital disorders many times through his life. The videogames Texas Children’s provided in the recovery room kept his younger brother occupied and allowed his mother to focus on other matters. In addition, games were a source of comfort and mental stimulation for my nephew when he was too exhausted to move and play. It made our many stays at Texas Children’s much easier. Thank you; Child’s Play and the people who contribute to its mission go a long way to making this world a more awesome place.” - Roxanne T.

For those of you who are attending our annual dinner auction, dust off your fancy clothes and stretch your bidding arm: we are one week away! This year’s auction has even more beautiful art, exclusive game swag, and incredible experiences than ever before, not to mention a delicious dinner and wine provided by our sponsor, Gamer:Wine (with names like Stunlock and n00b, how could we resist?) One incredibly rare item up for auction is #0060 Nintendo World Championships cartridge- a true “holy grail” of game collecting. To answer a frequently asked question, we will allow phone bidding for this live auction as it is such a unique and valuable collectible. If you cannot make it in person please feel free to contact to learn about remote participation. We hope to see you there!