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Drive update, Desert Bus begins this week!

That little green bar is steadily filling, and now reads- that’s right- $740,000. That’s a lot of games! We’ve been getting emails from hospitals across the country letting us know that toys, games, and books are already arriving from their Amazon wishlists, and each sends their sincerest thanks. Cameron Hosner, of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, shared what the donations mean to the kids at his facility:

“These wonderful gifts will be used in the inpatient playrooms at Children’s Hospital and will be available for children to use when they are confined to bed. Many hematology/oncology patients, as well as transplant and neurosurgery patients, are hospitalized for long periods of time and will benefit from these wonderful games! The wide variety of games will help to entertain, teach, and distract these children. The Child Life Specialists have relayed that they game titles you sent are very popular and much in demand, and they appreciate being able to provide children with such wonderful entertainment.”

Our annual dinner auction is 21 days away, and we’ve received some incredible donations for auction items. Here’s a sneak peak of one of them:

Skyward Sword Art

Michael “Gabe” Krahulik of Penny Arcade is working on what he calls one of his most exciting projects to date: a comic for Zelda Skyward Sword. This is the original watercolor painting, and it will be framed and featured in our Live Auction. A truly one-of-a-kind, iconic piece of game art. You don’t want to miss seeing it in person, trust me.

While we are working away at the dinner auction, supporters are putting together their own incredible fundraising events. If you call Chicago home, don’t miss Chicago Loot Drop this Sunday at 7PM. Part Rock Band performance competition, part Minibosses concert, Chicago Loot Drop is going to bring down the house for Child’s Play. It’s also benefiting one of our brand new network hospitals, Comer Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Desert Bus for Hope 5 begins at 6:00PM, November 18th. That’s less than two days away. Are we making you nervous yet, Bussers? This year, Robert, Kristin and Jamie will be visiting Desert Bus Moon Base to experience some of the trauma and hilarity ourselves- keep an eye out for us on the stream on Sunday the 20th! There are going to be a ton of auctions, special guests, and hilarity, so tune in- you won’t regret it.