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Nearing the Goal: $2.1 million raised so far in 2012!

It’s December, and that means we have a month and counting left of this year’s Holiday Fundraising drive. Which makes it all the more incredible that we’re within striking distance of our $2.25 million goal- The community has now raised $2.1 million this year! We are thrilled, overwhelmed, and humbled by your support- the impact it is going to make in lives of hospitalized children is profound. Thank you.

The Humble Bundles have been an amazing source of support for us, and we are so incredibly grateful to the Humble team and everyone who purchases any of the Bundles. They are currently running the Humble THQ Bundle - pay what you want for six (or seven!) THQ games as well as soundtracks! You can set how much you’d like to donate to us, the American Red Cross, THQ, and the Humble Tip by using the sliders in the payment section. Huge and humble thanks!

The Child’s Play Charity Dinner Auction 2012 is now Sold Out and under a week away! This year is going to feature more Live and Silent items than ever before- amazing one-of-a-kind props, gorgeous art, games, and more. If you’re attending, registration opens at 6:00PM, with the silent auction beginning at 6:30PM. If you have any questions or needs, please email Jamie (