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Over $1 million!

See that big number up there? That’s what we here at Child’s Play call “incredible.” It’s breaking the million dollar mark before December even rolls around, and it means we’re halfway to our goal!

We’re about the two weeks away from our annual Dinner Auction shindig, and tickets are just about sold out. If you want to come see some incredible items (original art, one-of-a-kind collectibles, gadgets and more), have a swanky evening with delicious food and great company, buy your tickets now.

Like we said, $1,015,000 is incredible, but we’re going for $2,000,000, and groups like Desert Bus for Hope are helping us get there (along with tons of fantastic community and corporate support). The Desert Bus folks are on Day 5, Bussin’ strong, and have raised an absolutely jaw-dropping $275,000 with roughly a day to go.