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Side Bets for Charity!

For those that don’t attend the Child’s Play Golf Tournaments, the inevitable “side bets for charity” are always an event in themselves. Krahulik vs. Khoo, Erika vs. Josh, etc. This year we’re doing a little experiment by opening up the side “betting” to everyone at home, with all contributions going to Child’s Play!

We have seven Penny Arcade teams in place, all paired with golfers that signed up for the tournament to make a full foursome.

1. Team Krahulik (aka Gabe)
2. Team Holkins (aka Tycho)
3. Team Khoo
4. Team Fehlauer
5. Team Erika
6. Team Levin/Brian
7. Team Josh

Put your faith in your favorite team by donating through their widget (again, all funds going directly to Child’s Play). The team with the lowest score wins bragging rights, and all their “supporters” will be listed on Penny Arcade after the tournament! Keep track of the scores live by following the #CPGolf hashtag on Monday starting at 11:30 AM!

The current widgets are found below. If you’re playing in the tournament and want to join in the fun, create a widget at