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How to Plan Your Own Child’s Play Fundraiser

Want to put on a fundraiser, but don’t know where to start? Have a great idea but lack the details to make it happen? We can help! We’ve put together a fundraising guide that answers some of our frequently asked questions and provides general information about putting on a Child’s Play event.

Create A Donation Widget

The Child’s Play Tiltify Widget is great for anyone doing a stream for their fundraising event.  You can set up milestones and reward levels and there is a Tiltify extension for Twitch so your viewers can donated without leaving the page.

The Child’s Play Salsa Widget was created to make raising money for Child’s Play simple and secure for non-streaming events. The widget allows you to create a donation site and take in donations for Child’s Play.

We do understand that there are some cases in which the above preferred options might not fit; if you need to use a different fundraising tool, please contact Erick prior to the event and we can chat about what tool might be right for you. If you have technical support questions, please see our FAQ.

Add Your Event to The Official Child’s Play Calendar

To submit your event, please fill out the form below. Child’s Play is happy to promote events in which 100% of the proceeds benefit Child’s Play. If you are running a digital event or collecting donations online, we ask that you utilize the Child’s Play Donation Widget. We approve all submissions before they appear on the calendar, and as a result your submission may take time to process and will not display immediately. Please submit your event at least one week prior to the start date, and ensure your Child’s Play Donation Widget is included on the event page. This form provides the final event text that will display on the calendar, so include a full description and the correct link for the event. Please be thorough, and if you have any questions check out our fundraising guide or feel free to email

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