Charity stream


Hello! I am running a charity stream on and have decided to use this charity! I love what you guys do and want to show support! I will be playing a variety of games with donation goals and things people can do during the stream to show support. Below I have copied the announcement post I made about this: Hey everyone, It’s finally time to do our Charity stream! During the holidays (2020) I started up a fund to help people who were going through a tough time due to 2020 and wanted people in the community to be able to enjoy themselves and not worry about if they would be able to have a nice dinner for thanksgiving or Christmas or stuff like that. I promised that this fund would never go into my pockets, it is purely for giving and we had some exceedingly kind people put a total of $300 into the fund over the course of the drive. At the end of it all no one ended up needing the funds, so we are going to do a charity stream with $300 as the starting point! We are doing our charity stream on May 30th from 2 pm to 11 pm PT. During this stream we will be playing some awesome stuff and doing quite a lot of goofy fun things! I really hope you guys enjoy the stream and I hope we can raise some money for an amazing charity! My wife and I have decided that we will match all donations up to $500 and we have found an anonymous investor that is going to match whatever amount we donate. So, if we hit $500 in donations the actual amount going to charity will be $1500! **Charity of choice: Child’s play (through Tiltify) ** **Unlocks: ** 1. $400: give away 2. $650: Hair Color 3. $900: any haircut 4. $1000: give away 5. $1500: I will wear a onesie for a full stream **Donations: ** 1. $2= Game Effect 2. $5 = wheel spin 3. $10 = eat a bean 4. $15 = put on a hat/mask 5. $25 = I will draw you an MS paint picture (PG-13/TOS safe of course) 6. $25 = Party game round! We will stop and play a round of a party game! 7. $50 = game change. Change to a different game right now! 8. $100 = I will try any game (I can) for you next stream. I will play for a min of 2 hour!