RvB Canwest



We first started out as an event centered around the internet website of Rooster Teeth. This event’s sole purpose at its creation was to bring our local community together with the hopes of having the members of Rooster Teeth’s staff attend our event and interact with their fans north of the border in Vancouver, Canada. At first that is what happened, but soon many attendees came from many different online communities and asked if CanWest could also start to incorporate some of those other communities in the event schedule. Since then we have had special guests from Bungie Studios, 343 Industries, Xbox, Rooster Teeth Productions, and many more, providing us with some spectacular content. We now embrace any internet community that wishes to be a part of CanWest as either attendees or special guests. Since 2007, CanWest has donated it’s ticket proceeds towards Child’s Play charity, and in the following years we have held online and on site auctions with donations from our great friends/sponsors from within the game industry. To date we have raised more than $30,000 USD and look forward to raising much more in 2012.