Ohmni Robot

In the hours before the PAX show floor opened, a unique experience was taking place that very few knew about. The Ohmni Robot by OhmniLabs pictured here with Braxton Bitsoi, Primary Children's Hospital Patient Technology Coordinator created an opportunity for 4 pediatric patients from across the country to visit the 2022 PAX West during their hospital stay. These patients were able to control the robot from their hospital bed and explore booths such as Nintendo, Intel Corporation, The Pokémon Company International, ASUS, tinyBuild GAMES, and McDonald's. Laughter, excitement, and sheer joy came out of the robot speaker as patients told us about their favorite games and asked questions about PC builds and claw machines. Ohmni robot tech is providing opportunities for patients to attend their high school graduations and class field trips. Child's Play supports emerging technology and funded 3 robots for Children's Hospitals in 2022.