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Ana B

I pray to God every night and ask him to send us an Angel everyday. I ask for hope, I ask for healing, I ask for peace and I ask for joy in our lives. Today you are our Angel. I felt so alone and so sad for Makayla, so confused about how to find balance with our kids feeling left out.

I only wanted to say thank you for being a good person and helping kids feel better. My daughter was full of smiles and went to sleep not crying from pain but smiling hugging her new green monkey.

It's so nice to know people still care. Today you made our little girl so happy and helped me have hope again by sharing your son's story and knowing how well he is doing and also knowing the feelings I feel today will one day be calm waters once again. It's so important to know we are not the only family suffering and seeing you still being able to work and smile was hope that one day I would smile and go back to work too. Our son I looking forward to checking the mail and getting something for him. He said "are you sure they want to give me something cool?"

Thanks again for your gifts to out kids and out family and thanks for taking the time to hear me and share a special moment with a heartbroken Mom.

I believe in God and I believe in Angels. I truly feel that meeting you that day was a gift from God please know that as wonderful as the gifts you give children the true gift of hope love and faith means so much more to the Mom and Dad watching their kids play like kids again.

Two months ago I would have been yelling across the room " stop running in the house", "stop jumping on the sofa", " don't push your Sister", "time to come and eat dinner" and now I would give anything to see her do all that stuff again with her brother and baby sister. Seeing her finally get out of bed was great. She has not gotten out of bed on her own since your visit but she was so excited she used all her energy on the walk to door and then to the sofa. She sings all the songs on the tablet and she is sharing with her brother and sister, she know both of your names and tells every doctor that asks her about tablet what the two angels did for her.

Ana B.