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Bethany D

Thank you so much for the extraordinary donation from Child’s Play Charity! We are absolutely thrilled! We are meeting with our child life department next week to plan out how we can best implement all of these wonderful items. We have PlayStation2 games in our hospital that are so old and wearing out. Most are broken and that is such a disappointment to our young patients.

The XBox Game will certainly be put to great use to begin replacing game consoles. And the iPads and IPod Touches are absolute game changers (no pun intended). These are the best tools to distract patients. Our nursing department had a project that they were seeking funding for to purchase iPads. Their purpose is to allow children who have been in car accidents to talk to their parents if/when the parents are transported to adult hospitals. You have no idea how this came as a very welcome gift for this program!

I don’t know how you all do it, but please know your partnership is incredibly valuable to Dayton Children’s.

All the best,

Bethany D

Director of Annual Gifts