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Christine Edward

This has been an exciting year for the iPads for Kids Program. Our partnership with Child’s Play allowed us to think bigger and better than we ever have before. We spent the first half of the year re-imagining the program from our standalone model at Seattle Children’s to one that could scale infinitely to other children’s hospitals. We now have a way to successfully install iPads in every appropriate patient room and enable them to consume age-appropriate content for the duration of their stay, then automatically wipe the device of all content upon discharge so that no personal information can be shared from patient to patient, all free of charge to the patient and the hospital.

In late spring, Child’s Play invited us to join them at the Annual Child Life Professionals Conference, where we had the opportunity to share our story with hospitals across the country. We were blown away by the positive reception we received! We heard time and time again that Child Life staff struggled with the time and resources to manage iPads with their patients at a large scale across their hospital and that this program is exactly what they needed.

Since that conference, we have dedicated our time to developing partner relationships with hospitals across the country. We are proud to announce that we have fully executed partnership agreements with five new hospitals and have many more in the works! We will begin the pilot phase of the program with each of those five hospitals in early 2018 and are actively locking down timelines for additional hospitals. We are endlessly grateful for the support that Child’s Play has given us, and we cannot wait to share success stories with you all as the iPads for Kids Program continues to grow.


Christine Edwards

Senior Foundation Manager

Bungie Foundation