Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Does Child’s Play charge administrative fees?

We try our best to have every dollar that comes in go right back to the hospitals, but there is a slight administrative cost that does get paid for with donations (for example, shipping thousands of consoles and games to hospitals worldwide is not free, sadly). Historically, these charges have been around 6%. It’s true that we’re a non-profit, but unlike most non-profits, we’re not in it to create a self-sustainable entity. We do it to give.

How will these toys be used?

Items like the video game systems and games will be given to the hospitals and a child will essentially be able to check it out and have it placed in their room. Obviously the more systems and copies of each game they have the better. Other toys though will be given to individual children as presents. Something they can keep and take with them when they leave. To read about the effect of these donations, check out the testimonials.

I want to volunteer! How can I help?

If you want to help out please contact the hospital directly (call the general number and ask about volunteering). If you don’t live near one of the hospitals, then you can be a big help by contacting your local news agencies and asking them to do a story about Child’s Play. The more people that hear about it, the more donations for the kids. You can also put on your own fundraiser for Child's Play.

Donation FAQ

Can I send you my used games or console?

We cannot accept used items. If you or someone you know would like to donate used games or game equipment, please consider an alternate game charity or selling your items on eBay with 100% of the proceeds going to Child's Play.

Can my donation or our event proceeds go to a specific facility?

Sure! When you send your check or PayPal donation, make a note to what hospital you would like your funds to benefit. Please email with your hospital request if necessary.

I want to use eBay to donate to Child's Play. How does that work?

eBay for Charity is a great resource for people to sell their used games, systems, or other items to benefit Child's Play. eBay has a guide that will walk you through the process for putting your item up for auction to benefit Child's Play.

I'd like to donate via check. Where do I send it?

Please make the check out to Child's Play, and mail to: Child's Play 9660 153rd Ave NE Redmond, WA 98052 Thank you, we really appreciate the support!

I’d like to donate via Paypal. How do I do so?

There is a donate through Paypal link on our Donate page. If you are setting up a donation widget for your fundraiser or website, our Paypal address is

I’m a corporation. How can I help?

Child’s Play has three levels of sponsorship: silver, gold, and platinum. These sponsorships run for 12 months, starting in November of each year. Each includes a home page logo placement with a link. We are a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and are always happy to participate in corporate gift matching programs. For more information on how you can participate in our corporate sponsorships program, please contact us at Please contact us for assistance.

Should I have my item gift wrapped by Amazon?

The hospitals have asked that the items not be wrapped. It generates a lot of waste that costs money to get rid of.

Since this is a charity donation I can deduct it from my taxes, right?

If you are donating via Amazon, each hospital’s charity tax ID number is included in the information section on its wish list. Use your confirmation email as a receipt. If you are making a cash donation, Child’s Play’s own tax ID number is 20-3584556. If you have any questions about how this works, please ask your tax adviser.

Hospital FAQ

As a partner hospital, how do we update our wishlist?

Email a list of items you would like added or removed to and we will update your wishlist as soon as possible. Please include links to the items.

Community FAQ

Can I request a specific item for my local hospital’s wish list?

We can try to accommodate your request, but it will also depend on what sort of items the hospital has asked for. Please feel free to email us at to find out if we can add your item.

Can you include my local hospital in Child’s Play?

Possibly! The ideal new hospital is far from other hospitals since we’d like to get even coverage, and not duplicate effort. If you want your local hospital to get involved contact their Fundraising, Child Life, or Play Therapy department and tell them about us. If they are interested in joining, ask them to email for details on applying.

I’d like to plan an event. Can you help me?

We have lots of information about planning your own Child’s Play event here. If you have read that information and still have questions, feel free to contact us.

What Paypal account I should direct widget donations to?

To direct donations to our Paypal, please use